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Like Party Games?

Like games where friends give you directions while you follow them?

We like those too! We just don’t have any friends!

So, here’s a game that emulates that very feeling!

   In Opo!, you are Admiral Opo, a space-fleet pilot navigating a treacherous space battle. Although you are TECHNICALLY alone in the deep unfeeling depths of space, you aren’t really alone. Onboard your trusty ship are 3 AIs to help guide you through by giving you commands and relaying important information. Simo, Nina, and Donald each have their own unique personality and voices to help the pilot distinguish their nearly non-stop banter and callouts. Guide your ship through the harrowing battle and make your way home! Can you do it? Can you steer you and your AI companions back to safety? We sure hope so! If you don’t, well, you’ll die. And that’s just sad.

Basic Gameplay

The goal of Opo! is to survive and respond to the AI callouts enough times to make it back to your planet. You need to watch your life support and if it ever reaches zero, you lose. Not having enough energy to your shields, taking enemy fire, or veering too far off course will all cause catastrophic damage to your ship, and each failure will cut your maximum life support total. Don’t worry though, the AI will tell let you know if you’re running out of time to complete any given task!


The controls are simple. You control everything with the left mouse button. Clicking or clicking and dragging is how every part of your space console activates! Be careful, though! A panel without power to it won’t respond to you at all!On the weapons panel, click on the spinner to the left and drag to spin the radar to align

On the weapons panel, click on the spinner to the left and drag to spin the radar to align with detected enemies. Then click and drag to either the top, center or bottom on the rangefinder on the right of the panel to set the range. Once you align both, you can use the fire button on the bottom of the console to successfully shoot down an enemy vessel (just make sure you have enough power!) On the engineering panel, you can activate each bar, or deactivate, with a simple left click.

On the engineering panel, you can activate or deactivate each bar with a simple left click as well. Deactivated bars won’t have any power going to them but will help divert more power to active ones! Make sure you have the proper power to each panel for each call out! On the Communication panel, the dial is spun by clicking and dragging. Spin the dial to realign satellites and make the screens less static-filled and the call outs from the AI less distorted.

On the Navigation pane, you use the knob on the lower left of the console to adjust your heading as the AI calls it. Again, click and drag to turn the knob. Once aligned you will need to set the power to the Thrusters to the percent called out by the AI before you can left click the red thruster button in the lower right of the console.

Finally, in the lower left of the console is the abort feature. Simply click the key to open the Abort button, then click the exposed button one more time to end the game prematurely.


Dylan Glow | Programmer, Composer, Audio Designer, Voice Talent, Designer, Producer

Derrick Glow | Artist, Voice Talent, Designer, Producer

Kimberly Glow | Voice Talent

Release date Sep 10, 2017
Tags2D, Arcade, dragonjam, ocean, opo, qte, resource-management, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


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